Ambika (NACH-12) is it suitable for cultivation in North India?

Yes (As per AICRP trials)

NJH-40 kharif sorghum hybrid is it suitable for ratooning?

No, In Rabi due to low temperature no seed set is there.

Why seed rate of wheat Nirbhay is 30 kg/ Acre?

Due to more number of tillers/ plant & more no. of grains/ spike more seed rate affect on yield. As per trials 30 kg / acre is sufficient.

Which paddy variety is suitable for upland cultivation?

NR-81 (Kirti) variety is suitable.

Mungbean NVL-1 (Naval) is it suitable for summer cultivation?

No, Due to determinate growth habit this variety is not suitable for summer cultivation.

Cluster bean NCB-12 (Nandini) is it suitable for kharif sowing?

No, Due to more vigorous growth this variety is not suitable for April to July sowing.

Dolichosbean Wal No-3 (Palak) is it suitable for summer cultivation?

No, This variety is suitable for rabi cultivation.

Which chilli hybrid is suitable for summer planting?

NCH-12 (Maina) is suitable for summer planting for green chilli purpose.

Is there any YVMV resistant okra hybrid/ variety available in India?

No, There are no resistant hybrids/ varieties in India. But highly tolerant variety like Nirmal-303 is available.

Rabi sorghum Suvarna (N-259) is it suitable for rainfed cultivation?

Yes, It is suitable in assured rainfall region of growing region.