Bio Tech & Bio Input Division

Our Bio Technology Lab is always focused towards development of crops with improved traits like disease, pest, drought resistance and high yield. The Biotech department mainly deals with three biotechnological aspects i.e. molecular biology, genetic engineering and plant tissue culture.

The technologies available with respective areas are -

  1. Molecular biology - PCR, ELISA, Real time PCR, Marker assisted selection
  2. Genetic engineering - RNAi, Agroinoculation

  3. Tissue culture - Micro propagation of Pomegranate and other elite crops

  4. Di – haploids - Anther culture, microspore culture

  5. Transgenics - Agro bacterium mediated gene transformation, gene gun mediated transformation

Our Biotech division is recognized by North Maharashtra University as Post Graduate Research Center providing unique opportunities to Biotech students to carry out their doctoral program. Our Biotech facilities are approved and recognized by DSIR, Ministry of Science and Technology, New Delhi.

“ Agri biotech for Healthy Nation”

Our Bio input division is exploring various advanced agri-biotechnological processes for development of eco-friendly bio organic inputs. We are constantly engaged in research, development, production and marketing of various bio organic inputs like Plant growth Inoculants Microbial, Antagonistic microbes & Eatonopathogenic microbes, Organic Entreats.

Our Organic Products “ Bio Power ” and “Bio Force” have received “Process Patent” from the Government of India.

Our ultra modern manufacturing facilities located at Pachora and Guwahati ensures supply of quality inputs to the farming community of the country.