CSR @ Nirmal

Our Vision:

  • To actively participate in the Social activities for upliftment of communities where we operate.
  • The Management of Nirmal Seeds is committed towards improvement of quality of lives of people in the Society.
  • As a responsible organisation, we stand committed to the causes of environment, public health and providing basics for livelihood.

Our Partners:

Government Bodies, Village Panchayats, NARD Foundation......

Our Projects:

  1. Providing drinking water facility at Kolashi- a remote village in Kannad Tahsil of Aurangabad district.
  2. Farmer’s Club: Why? : To inculcate the technical and scientific methods of farming in the minds of farmers to increase productivity per unit area and to disseminate the advance agricultural practices to them.


Arranging their meetings, providing library facilities, front-line demonstrations and visits to R&D center etc.

  1. Fighting Hidden Hunger and Malnutrition: Company is working jointly with ICRISAT and Harvest Plus for promotion of Nutrition rich wheat and pearl millet among the farming community of India to fight against hidden hunger and malnutrition. Also cultivation of these nutritionally rich products boosts income of farming community.
  2. Children’s park: Company has developed a beautiful Garden in Pachora city particularly for kids.
  3. Tree Plantations: Every year company arrange Tree plantation drive in the vicinity
  4. Yoga Camps
  5. Global warming scenario: Providing eco-friendly products for the society

Future Projects:

  1. In future, we are planning to work in the field of rural education, health and agriculture for upliftment of the Society.

A beginning has made........ There are miles to go in this field…