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Sr.No. Crops Peformance Details
01. Cotton Three toppings is most essential at the time of 75 days, 90 days and 105 days of crop growth period to get more yield.
02. Maize At premature stage (after silk drying & no pollen production in tassels) removal of upper stalk by keeping one leaf on upper cob leads to 10-15% yield increase & green fodder to livestocks also.
03 Paddy SRI method of planting leads to more yield, less seed rate requirement and also less water requirement.
04. Wheat Foliar application of macro & micro nutrients at the stage of flowering & grain filling stage increases yield.
05. Red Gram Sole cropping pattern, 90 x 60 cm spacing, protective 2-3 irrigations followed by plant protection measures will definatly increase yield in midlate maturity genotypes.
06. Mung bean To get good yields, timely sowing of mungbean in kharif is most essential, late sowing leads to low yield & more disease attack.
07. Sunflower Late kharif & rabi sowing periods are good to get good yields. Early kharif leads to more susceptivity to bud necrosis & PM diseases.
08. Tomato Pruning of branching by keeping 2-3 vigours branches followed by upward trailing with nutritional managements will get more yield.
09. Chilli Raised bed system of planting in strip method will give good crop growth & more yield.
10. Cucurbits Barrow system followed by vertical trailing system of vines give maximum yields than ground level cultivation. Use of furamen traps in crops like ridge gourd, cucumber, can help in control of fruitfly & ultimately control on yield losses.
11. Melons Pruning of wines at upper position of fruits & keeping 1-2 fruits/ plant will give good quality & bigger size fruits.
12. General

1] Planting / sowing in South-North direction will get good sunlight on crop growth leads to good crop stand & yield.

2] Cultivation across the slope of lands reduce soil erosion & good water conservation for good crop stand & yield.

3] Soil application of Nirmal Biopower & 3 foliar spray of Nirmal Biopower at preflowering, flowering & pod formation stage will increase yield upto 25-30%.